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Ramadan Bundle مجموعة رمضان

Ramadan Bundle مجموعة رمضان

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!أجمل باقة رمضانية لأطفالك... تحتوي على كتاب كرتوني وكتاب أنشطة ولعبة ذاكرة.

!مثالية أيضًا للإهداء

Look no further for the perfect Ramadan gift! This is truly the ultimate Ramadan bundle, consisting of:

1/ A deliciously vibrant, jewel-toned ABC's board book that captures the spirit of Ramadan using relatable imagery, simple words and stunning illustrations for even the youngest members of your family! A best-seller currently in it's 2nd print!

2/ A complementary activity book filled with 30 mind-stimulating, fun and exciting activities to occupy and engage your kids through 30 days of Ramadan! This book includes stickers!!  Also a best-seller currently in it's 2nd print!

3/ Our newest addition to the Ramadan franchise... a memory game containing Ramadan-inspired imagery that is suitable for ages 4-99 meaning the whole family can come together for a fun game of matching pairs while waiting for Adhan Al Maghreb, assuming mama is done in the kitchen! 

Buy the ultimate Ramadan bundle and save!

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